About ARC Marble & Tile

The Company was founded in 1999 by Rick Hickey to cater to the high-end residential builder and individual clients. We have expanded from the installation of tile and stone, to a company that also provides countertop fabrication and the cleaning and restoration of stone, tile and grout.

Rick Hickey has always been on the administration side and technical as well. He’s been doing all sales and marketing and ensuring existing clients are serviced well. Like-wise Rick has formal workable administrative training and uses this to service our entire field and all new clients. I oversee all billing and income matters with the help of an Office manager. Additionally with close to 16 years of direct experience in this field I’ve become very knowledgeable in material, installation methods and the care and repair of stone and tile.

Current staff:

Gene and Dan Moreno – a father and son team that has been with us going on 4 years now. Gene and Danny have been a nice addition and routinely turned out nice work to discerning clients.

Numar Silver – has been with the company going on 5 years now and is incredible on our floor installations both 3/8″ thick tile and ¾” + stone tile.

Mike and John Silver: Mike has over 40 years in the business and is bringing his son John up with the hard won knowledge and skill. John being of the new generation is constantly gaining knowledge on the latest and greatest in our trade. So the old is blending with the new. They are a great addition to the team.

Oscar Arizandieta – has been with the company over 7 years and has gone from a skilled tile setter’s assistant to the head of the Cleaning and Restoration of stone and tile. His knowledge has been hard won by finding the correct way of restoring stone, tile and grout and using leading products and techniques. He works extremely well with the home owner and builders, and more often than not I get unsolicited praise for his work, cleanliness and positive communications.

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